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  2. The release of the ThinkStation P920 Rack offers professional workstation performance in a fully scalable and secure 2U form factor. Leveraging low latency remote access technologies, users are given true freedom by being able to access extreme computing power anywhere and collaborate uninterrupted. This ThinkStation joins their portfolio of P series workstations and is the first rack-optimized form factor in the series. The P920 Rack offers a dual processor platform with Intel Xeon Scalable processors, NVIDIA enterprise grade graphics, up to 3TB of ECC memory, and up to 112TB of enterprise storage. Additionally, enjoy 99.99% availability as it is backed by hallmark ThinkStation brand reliability with hot swappable and redundant features and datacenter-class security. Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Rack Announced
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  4. Disney and Microsoft are both industry leaders in their respective fields. Disney brings to the table a history and passion for innovation as well as industry influence in defining new ways to create content in magnitude. Microsoft brings to the table it’s Azure Cloud Platform that features hyperscale capacity, global distribution, industry-leading storage and networking capabilities. Partnering with Disney unlocks a new opportunity for growth in the media industry for Microsoft. Walt Disney & Microsoft Azure Announce Partnership
  5. The Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 is the new data center NVMe SSD that comes in two flavors: read-centric and mixed-use. The drives come in capacity ranges from 800GB-6.4TB for the mixed-use and 960GB-7.68TB for the read-centric. The drive leverages Western Digital’s controller, firmware, and 64-Layer BiCS 3D NAND. All drives offer ISE, which is great for redeployment or retirement. Another security feature is the use of secure firmware downloads with RSA authentication to ensure the SN630 runs authentic firmware only. Since the SN630 is vSAN certified, we tested it within the context of VMware vSAN to see how it performed. Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 VMware vSAN Review
  6. With today’s newest solution added to their portfolio Supermicro now has nearly 20 unique SuperWorkstations with a range of specifications. Systems have either single- or dual-processor platforms, robust memory capacity – up to 4 DDR4-2933MHz memory in 12 DIMM slots, 7 PCI-E 3.0 slots for GPU/Coprocessor, dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, and single 10 Gigabit LAN port. The takeaway from the solution announced today, the SYS-5049A-T, is that it is a single processor platform with a high core count, significant memory capacity, multi-GPU, and supports ultra-fast NVMe storage. Supermicro Launches SYS-5049A-T SuperWorkstation
  7. Located in Sunnyvale, California, Rafay is led by CEO Haseeb Budhani and VP of Engineering Hemanth Kavurulu. Both men cofounded the company after working together at Soha Systems on systems development, cloud networking, and network security. Soha was acquired by Akamai Technologies in 2016. Rafay’s main focus as a company is the above mention SaaS for container lifecycle management. Rafay Launches SaaS Automation Framework For Containerized App Lifecycle Management
  8. Designed to match the mission-critical capabilities of IBM Z and LinuxONE servers, the IBM DS8900F family is built with the most advanced POWER9 processors. The DS8900F is the result of deep collaboration between the IBM Storage and IBM Z teams to deliver unique business value for mainframe deployments. The company states that the new storage systems are able to offer transparent hybrid multicloud connectivity for infrastructure simplification, massive capacity, and data protection through the cloud. The new family will replace the DS8880 line. The IBM DS8900F will off a DS8910F model for entry level and the DS8950F that will consolidate all mission-critical storage workloads for IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE, IBM Power Systems, and distributed environments under a single all-flash storage solution. IBM Announces DS8900F Storage Systems & z15
  9. Can anyone please suggest me best file eraser programs? I want to wipe data from my PC's Logical Drives.
  10. Customers that leverage AWS Outposts can local launch a range of Amazon EC instances (including C5, M5, R5, I3en and G4, both with and without local storage options) as well as Amazon EBS volumes. Amazon plans to have many other services ready at general availability, such as Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS clusters for container-based applications, Amazon EMR clusters for data analytics, and Amazon RDS instances for relational database services with more planned in the future. Outpost works as an extension of the AWS Region of the user’s data center. Services running on Outpost can seamlessly work with any AWS service or resource running in the cloud. New services launched by AWS will also work with Outposts. The company also states that API calls will be logged via CloudTrail automatically and existing CloudFormation templates will work as well. More Details On AWS Outposts
  11. It’s been some time since we’ve been this deep with anything in the Microsoft storage-centric stack; and boy, are we glad to be back. With the rebranded Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solution, Microsoft has done something that’s so basic and fundamental, it’s easy to under appreciate. Microsoft has made their HCI solution dead simple to operate without overlaying anything to dampen performance. As seen in our numbers, the DataON cluster we’ve been testing has posted tremendous numbers, the fastest we’ve seen in a mid-market 4-node HCI cluster. To be fair, we’re not even testing the latest and greatest hardware from DataON either. While this config is clearly no slouch, complete with Intel Optane DC SSDs, DataON offers faster solutions that take advantage of Intel Xeon 2nd Generation CPUs, persistent memory and faster networking. The fact that there’s even more performance available in an Azure Stack HCI solution is exciting, but it’s also important to remember the solution can scale down as well to deployments as small as two node HCI that can be configured switchless for a low-cost edge or SMB solution. Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Review (DataON HCI-224 with Intel Optane NVMe)
  12. Data is growing and becoming more valuable. Companies like Spectra Logic have been refining the ability to store massive amounts of data, however, most data stored is cool or inactive. Up to 80% of data that is gathered my not be of immediate use but is still valuable. Storing this cool data on primary storage is expensive and not very useful in the long run. Spectra StorCycle software automatically tiers the inactive data to a more cost-effective storage medium. Spectra Logic StorCycle Unveiled
  13. When Dell EMC PowerMax first came out at Dell Technologies World 2018, we had the following to say: Touted as the future of enterprise-class storage, the Dell EMC PowerMax is architected with end-to-end NVMe and a built-in, real-time machine learning (ML) engine. Replacing the VMAX, the PowerMax has quoted performance of up to 10 million IOPS, 50% better response times and twice as fast as the nearest competitor. The end-to-end NVMe also supports NVMe-oF for those in the need of very fast storage with very low latency. This makes it ideal for the most demanding applications and workloads. With the support of AI-ML-powered data placement across NVMe SCM and NVMe flash drives, and the use of SCM PowerMax can now deliver up to 350GB/s, up to 15 million IOPS, all with 50% lower latency. Dell EMC PowerMax Introduces SCM As Persistent Storage
  14. While the projection of data growth hasn’t changed much (though it seems to always be projected to grow faster than previously thought), the way it is accessed and managed needs to change. Soon there will be three times as many devices connected to the internet than people. As speed becomes more important the market share of NVMe will continue to grow. There is plenty of buzz around the edge and IoT devices, but half of all workloads still run in data centers creating plenty of networking challenges. Cisco Announces New SAN Technology Innovations
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  16. Also unveiled is the refreshed portfolio of the popular My Passport line of portable drives. It now features models with up to 5TB in capacity and is slimmer than the previous generation. Both the new My Passport and My Passport for Mac drives also come in a new color palette, sleek design, and three-year limited warranty. WD Announces Gaming SSD, Refreshed Passport Line, SanDisk Products
  17. Brian

    QNAP Qtier and SSD Cache Review

    We've talked about this several times, the graphs show performance falling back after storage is pressed beyond it's peak performance.
  18. David Culbertson

    QNAP Qtier and SSD Cache Review

    I know this is old, but did you just draw graphs in paint, because the numbers you have are impossible. Benchmark curves don't bend back on themselves so that you have 2 Y values a single X value. That's middle-school math, dude.
  19. @Brian @Tom Fenton There is an error in the section headed "Intel NUC7CJYS Design and Build", the rear USB ports are USB 3.0, not 2.0 as stated in the review. The author may have been confused by this image in the Intel product briefing, which mentions two USB 2.0 internal headers: nuc7cjyh-nuc7pjyh-nuc7cjys-brief.pdf
  20. The HP ZBook 14u G6 is a mobile workstation sized for portability. When compared to other workstations this workstation might seem restricted but, traditional and more powerful workstations tend to be heavy. When carrying around a laptop all day a few pounds makes a big difference. The HP 14u is budget friendly, incredibly thin, and certified to run a host of professional applications. Notable improvements from the previous generation include a better display, more graphics power, faster WIFI transfer speeds, and more RAM. It is a product where form follows function. The 100% Adobe RGB UHD display is optimized for on the go graphics jobs and the built in collaborative features offer easy on-site and virtual conferencing. At top specs the ZBook 14u features an 8th Generation Intel i7 processor, up to 64 GB DDR4 2400MHz non-ECC SDRAM, up to 2TB NVMe SSD storage, and an AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 (4 GB GDDR5) GPU. HP ZBook 14u G6 Review
  21. EFS is a popular fully managed, and cloud-native NFS file system for Linux-based workloads. It is already low cost, and its elastic nature makes it appealing for companies that need to grow, or may not need as much storage in the future. This is further bolstered AWS’ Lifecycle Management that analyzes usage patterns to maximize operational efficiency and thus reduce TCO. AWS’ Lifecycle Management finds that roughly 80% of the data is inactive or infrequently accessed. To this end, the company has EFS Infrequent Access (IA) with Lifecycle Management that tiers this cooler data to a storage the is better priced. AWS Lowers Price on Amazon EFS Infrequent Access
  22. Details are a little light honestly. I think WD wanted to remind everyone they're working on this crap and will have higher capacity options soon, since they're not at 16TB yet. We won't even see review samples until full scale production in 2020.
  23. Hah, can't really get at these any more without destroying the case. But this is pretty typical. New drives are almost always debuted in external enclosures like this, then get the bare drive treatment. I think they find the external space to be a less risky proving ground for new tech.
  24. Did you open it up, to look over the real drive inside? Either WD has begun making 2.5" 5TB drives ... or they swallowed their pride and bought drives from Seagate. Finding a Seagate drive inside a WD external - now that would be a front-page story.
  25. As 16TB drives already require 9 platters, a conventional 18 needs 12.5% higher overall density. Or about 6% linear density increase AND 6% tracks increase. Are these the first MAMR drives? We keep getting promised HAMR and MAMR drives any time, and that further increases are not possible without. Only to keep getting conventional size increases. This isn't exactly a complaint, but they should keep their stories straight.
  26. Scale Computing’s HC3 platform has been available in some form for quite some time. The platform runs HyperCore technology that makes the platform self-healing: it automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects infrastructure problems in real-time. HC3 already has Scale Computing Data Protection Suite for high availability, backup, replication, and recovery features. Now through this partnership users can leverage Acronis Backup for additional protection. The combined technology is said to save up to 10x the storage space while reducing the backup workload through automation. Scale Computing & Acronis Partner On Data Protection, Continuity, & DR
  27. Commvault is a data protection and management company that has been around the block, first formed in 1988. Currently the company has thousands of customers of all size and manage some 600+ petabytes of data. Hedvig is a much newer company, founded in 2012, that is all about operational efficiency. The company uses complete protocol consolidation (block, file and object storage) on a single platform to hit better operational efficiency. Hedvig also helps solve data sovereignty problems stemming from data governance laws and enables hybrid cloud and multi cloud capabilities natively. The acquisition broadens Commvault’s portfolio while reducing data fragmentation. Commvault Acquires Hedvig
  28. WD has released a new My Passport that is both slimmer and comes with even more capacity than previous models, up to 5TB. The device leverages USB 3.2 Gen1 for fast transfer speeds. The drive is ideal for consumers that have several photos, videos, music, and documents that they need to take with them. My Passport also allows for import from social media and cloud storage for those looking to keep memories safe. Out of the box the device is ready to go with either Windows 10 or macOS Mojave depending on which model bought. Western Digital My Passport (2019) 5TB Review
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