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  2. Zerto made several announcements at its annual conference, ZertoCON, regarding further updates, enhancements, and details of its roadmap. Among these announcements include the availability of a term-based licensing option via a subscription model for the Zerto IT Resilience Platform, integration with the VMware VAIO framework, enhancements to long-term repositories, as well as its latest development efforts for Zerto and Microsoft Azure. ZertoCON 2019 Announcements
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  4. Announced at VeeamON 2019, Orchestrator v2 is now able to automatically test, document and reliably recover entire sites and individual workloads from backups in a completely orchestrated way. Veeam believes that this will significantly lower the total cost of ownership of disaster recovery. Moreover, Veeam has “democratized” disaster recovery, as all types of organizations can achieve comprehensive and compliant disaster recovery for all their applications and data regardless of what type of protection they’ve used. Veeam Launches Availability Orchestrator v2, "with Veeam" Program and Tops $1 Billion
  5. Over the last decade and more specifically the last few years, the concept of work has changed drastically. Where it was once common to go into the office and sit at an assigned desk or office and use the same hardware day after day, now employees can work from almost anywhere they happen to be. Not only that, they can work from a home desktop, work mobile through a laptop or tablet, or use any thin client they can sign into. Citrix Workspace App announced last year took this concept a long way. The App gave users secure access to their web, SaaS, Windows, Linux and mobile apps. The problem that has arisen recently isn’t the access, but too much access. Citrix Further Refines Workspace Increasing Productivity
  6. Dear Sirs and Madams: We MUST preserve the Accommodation: SSDs for primary storage, HDDs for secondary storage, cloud for back-up and tape for archives. Sincerely, Basil Dimitropoulos Electrical Engineer - Product Developer 104 - 106 Kremou Street, Kallithea, Athens 176-76 GREECE URL: TEL: +30 69 80 59 46 01
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  8. Though normally configured as a hybrid solution, Ceph is incredibly flexible. Moreover, Ceph is not just focused on storage and hyperconverged offerings, it is looking to promote meaningful hardware development as well. Version 6 is also focused on the reduction operational expense, including containerized and cloud workload support, improved integration with public cloud, and enhanced data protection capabilities. SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 Annouced
  9. Reduxio’s Magellan Cloud Data Platform is container-native and designed with Kubernetes in mind. Magellan Cloud Data Platform combines new patent-pending IP for data mobility that allows enterprises to unify multiple infrastructure islands into a single data cloud for applications with Reduxio’s current data management capabilities in a microservices-based platform. As a container-native, software-only solution built on a microservices architecture, Reduxio Magellan can deliver the portability and scalability cloud-native applications require, eliminating expensive and inefficient infrastructure that obviates the very portability advantage that drove teams to adopt containers. Reduxio hopes their new platform will help organizations overcome limitations in data and application portability and mobility. Reduxio Magellan Starting Customer Evaluation
  10. Hello , i have a ST3500418AS, i tryed to upgrade last firmware (CC49) of my model and from the oficial page , but when the procces was going to start it gave me the message : Model Matched , but firmware not compatible. I had HP35 firmware. So i did a force upgrade with a command, on the oficial utility , the procces finished succesful , but when i restarted the pc , the bios doesnt detect the Disk. I knew it was risky , but was a old disk with nothing of data inside , so i decided take the risk. Just want to know if its posible or not repair it , and as i said , i didt have data insead so i Will to know just if it can work again . Thanks
  11. Hello , i have a ST3500418AS, i tryed to upgrade last firmware (CC49) of my model and from the oficial page , but when the procces was going to start it gave me the message : Model Matched , but firmware not compatible. I had HP35 firmware. So i did a force upgrade with a command, on the oficial utility , the procces finished succesful , but when i restarted the pc , the bios doesnt detect the Disk. I knew it was risky , but was a old disk with nothing of data inside , so i decided take the risk. Just want to know if its posible or not repair it , and as i said , i didt have data insead so i Will to know just if it can work again . Thanks
  12. As we previously stated, Lights out Management solutions like HP’s iLO are superior to KVM solutions in that they add things such as power management to the remote management of the server. Some add considerably more capabilities such as: hardware performance control, health monitoring, and provisioning assistance. HP iLO also offers faster time to resolution due to its remote access and troubleshooting features, where users can remotely access the server using an industry standard scriptable interface, remote console, or Virtual Media features to perform various basic management functions. In addition, its embedded support (Direct Connect and Remote Support) reduces time, cost and complexity. HPE Releases iLO 4 2.70 Firmware Update
  13. The emerging technologies that are becoming more commonplace, AI, ML, IoT, and big data analytics, are changing the ballgame for what customers need moving forward. All of the above technologies are causing a tsunami of data that calls for more HPC type solutions to deal with them. Noting this, along with the expanding segment of the HPC market, HPE is expanding its HPC portfolio through the acquisition of Cray. Cray has been providing high-end supercomputing solutions for some time. Cray is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and has roughly 1,300 employees with the most recent revenue of $456 million. HPE To Acquire Cray Inc.
  14. continuum

    AT computer

    That's circa 1996 or so, you may hit the 33.8GB limit in your system's BIOS and hence the drive might not work (best case if your BIOS has the 33.8GB limit is you can't see the full capacity of the drive). So you may be SOL.
  15. continuum

    Toshiba L200

    Correct. Although keep in mind even a single write large enough may cause you to see the performance hit.
  16. IoT devices and the data they generate at the edge are exploding. Companies are struggling to manage this data in a way to make actionable insights. Atos is lending a hand to this struggle with its embedded BullSequana Edge server. The server is said to securely manage and process data generated by IoT devices at the edge where it is generated. The server leverages AI to gain “instant” insights that can be acted upon. The BullSequana Edge can overcome issues such as networking costs and connectivity, while also securing data where it is generated. Atos Launches BullSequana Edge
  17. Cloud-enabled and as a Service technologies are definitely gaining popularity and adoption. To better prepare customers for these new deployments, IGEL has released a more compact addition to its Universal Desktop endpoint solutions line in the UD2. Being half the size of the previous UD2 (ideal for space-constrained workplaces), the new version is more powerful coming with an integrated Intel Atom quad-core processor featuring turbo boost frequency of 1.04GHz to 2GHz. The UD2 has more connectivity options now with five USB ports, including USB 3.2, and the ability to add a second monitor via DisplayPort with 2K 60Hz resolution. New IGEL UD2 Desktop Solution Launched
  18. With the latest 2.1.0 update, QES leverages the new Write Coalescing algorithm, which gives drives an extra performance boost (QNAP indicates that their tests led to a 400% random write performance increase for their all-flash TES-3085U NAS). Its software-defined over-provisioning supports gives users the ability to allocate additional over-provisioning space to their SSDs and Storage Pools. QNAP believes this will help deal with write amplification, which degrades performance, while promoting a longer lifespan of SSDs. QNAP QES 2.1.0 Now Available
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  20. Looking at the numbers, Cisco is reporting revenue of $13 billion, up 4% from this time last year. The company saw a GAAP net income of $3 billion or a gain of $0.69 earnings per share. For non-GAAP the company saw a net income of $3.5 billion or $0.78 diluted earnings per share. Cisco reported a total gross margin as 63.1% GAAP and 64.6% non-GAAP. Operating expenses for the quarter were $4.7 billion GAAP and $4.2 billion non-GAAP. Cisco Announces 3Q19 Earnings
  21. continuum

    Looking for 32G pcie gen3 x4 M.2 (2242)

    Cheapest unit I see on Newegg is a MyDigitalSSD 120GB SBXe (MDNVME42-SBXe-0128), but it's PCI-e x2 only, bigger than you specified, and DRAM-less. If your PCI-e x4 and 32GB requirements are firm then as Brian said, you might not have much in the way of options.
  22. Disk arrays come in multiple possible configurations. You would need to determine how many disks you will be using in the array and the configuration you are using. Some configurations have zero tolerance for any failures and hence are actually less (potentially significantly so) reliable than a single disk, others can handle a single disk failure, others two disk failures, others ... well let's just say it depends where in the array the second (or third, or fourth, etc.) disk fails. You would need to look up the formulas for each array configuration you are looking at. I did break this all down (or at least find the links) about five years ago, but unfortunately the sources I use escape me at the moment. The calculator linked in the link you posted above is useful enough to have some utility if you want a purely mathematical calculation for the two specific array configurations it covers. It's actually explained in the link you have, but as you can see, disk array availability is rather complicated. Calculating annualized failure rate (for a single disk) or mean time to failure is more simple and is sufficient for most. If you are still intent on calculating array availability then you may want to ask why you are doing so, and understanding the mechanisms that affect it. aka find some links that explain things with better examples than the glossary in the page you linked?
  23. Thanks for the reply from what I understand is that calculating availability for 1 disk is not the same as calculating for the disk array, I was under the assumption if we get value for 1 disk and multiply it by the number of disks in the disk array would get me the result for the disk array that is why I added an assumption of 1 disk. In general is there a formula for calculating availability of a disk array. Thank You
  24. The link you have refers to disk arrays, which in general definition are always composed of multiple disks (hence the name, disk array) whereas you appear to be referring to a single disk. With a single disk there's no availability calculation to be done beyond MTBF. A more useful metric for you to worry about might be AFR, annualized failure rate, for your particular model of disk. Check the specs for that to get what should hopefully be an accurate spec (or speculation) on the odds of your single disk failing over the course of a year. Then you can start looking up formulas that calculate failure rates out to five years. And if it helps any, availability is most certainly not 1 all the time, although that may be the desired goal!
  25. Hi, I'm new to this thus I'm trying to understand about calculating Disk Array Availability (DAA). What I have understood so far is that availability is always 1, and Failure = 1÷MTBF. Could someone explain in simple English how to calculate DAA. Assuming I have 1TB and the time is 5 years, and the disk's MTBF is 1.6 millions hours (got this from Dell's website for a 15K RPM disk), I need to know the availability of this disk in 5 years, how do I calculate, what is the formula, I'm seeing , MTTl, MTTR, and MTTDL and getting confused. Another confusion is, is disk array availability associated only with RAID. Appreciate the assistance. Currently I'm using this as reference : Also in the reference it says double disk failure, does the double disk mean any 2 disks or what, because once we find the availability of 1 disk would multiplying that into 2 NOT give us the double disk failure.. If anyone knows of any other good reference that explains in simple English. Thank You
  26. Acromove’s ServerPack 35 SP3B is one of several available models in the ServerPack family. The server comes encased in an extremely sturdy, durable, water/dustproof Pelican Case, providing enhanced protection for the critical components inside. The server can leverage 4, 8, or 16-core Intel Xeon processors, up to 128GB of ECC RAM, and has a storage capacity of up to 168TB. ServerPack 35 SP3B achieves up to 3TB/hour using HDDs, which makes it very efficient for transferring large datasets between datacenters and cloud upload sites. 100TB can be moved in about a week including shipping time. It is also available from Acromove on a short term rental basis. Acromove ServerPack 35 SP3B Review
  27. The 1TB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC card is designed to provide faster app boots for Android smartphones, capturing fast-action photos with action cameras, and recording 4K UGH video with drones. It carries an impressive max capacity of 1TB, and quotes impressive performance figures up to 160MB/s reads and 90MB/s writes. 1TB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC Card Review
  28. continuum

    What was the best in 1999?

    Late 1999 sounds about right, Seagate's service manual PDF should have a date that matches the drive's actual release or extremely close.
  29. A component of bringing intelligence to the edge, Lenovo ThinkReality is a newly launched sub-brand that offers a software and hardware solution to help the enterprise deploy augmented reality (AR). While common in industrial applications, AR is capable of much more. Generally speaking Lenovo sees AR as a way to help the enterprise deliver assistance, reduce repair time, eliminate errors, streamline complex workflows, improve training quality and offer news ways to collaborate. This is accomplished by letting users interact with 3D digital information in the real world, improving contextual awareness and efficiency. ThinkReality is device and cloud agnostic, simplifying the way customers can manage AR and virtual reality (VR) applications across operating systems, cloud providers, and devices. Lenovo ThinkIoT Ecosystem Expands Customer Validated Solutions
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