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  3. We have a few here and haven't noticed any noises, but then my labs and our production areas aren't all that quiet, so a faint noise would not be audible unless asked everyone to turn everything off in one of the labs...
  4. continuum

    Error when copying files over 2gb

    Easy things first-- tried a different USB adapter?
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  6. Hi, I just bought a WD 10TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive, USB 3.0 (WDBBGB0100HBK-NESN) and it is connected to my Macbook 2019 13" via Caldigit TS3+ thunderbolt hub. When I eject the drive from Macbook or even have Macbook turned off the WD hard drive continues to periodically(every 2 seconds) make fai t noise that sounds like head seeking noise as well as some other electric noises. It stops if I unplug the usb cable from the drive. I have many WD external My Book drives (8tb and under) and they never make this noise when ejected or when laptop off. Is this normal behavior or should I return it within 30 day window? Could it be a function of the helium drive design? Thanks.
  7. Juan Sevlever

    Error when copying files over 2gb

    Hi, thanks for answering the drive has no more than 3 years and like 300gb available
  8. reader50

    Error when copying files over 2gb

    How old is your Kingston SSD? And how full? If it's lost enough blocks over time so the overprovisioning has fallen below 2GB, this could happen. But it would also require TRIM to be disabled and/or the drive to be nearly full.
  9. continuum

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    in the case of RAID5 and RAID6, there is only one stripe size used in an array. Both use block-level striping. (in practical context, one only says stripe size-- I have only ever seen it where block and stripe sizes were identical) You may have different arrays with different stripe sizes on the same controller. (nested RAID levels make this potentially more complicated, but the fundamentals remain the same) Wikipedia's breakdown is pretty accessible:
  10. Hi. I have a Kingston HyperX 1tb SSD, connected via usb adapter to a surface pro No problem when copying small files, deleting or reading, but when copying larger files (2gb for example) it starts but rapidly speed decreases and then it just hangs. In the past it worked no problem, or sometimes I got same problem, randomly. Drive scan shows no errors. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  11. alpha754293

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    For RAID5/6 implementations, does the parity block size always equal the stripe size?
  12. Helium drives are not exactly new. HGST worked on them about 10 years ago and there are other products that have used sealed helium for decades. Generally such products either leak from a manufacturing defect early on or survive to EOL. It's not as if there is a semi-permeable seal area that allows slow diffusion. The mechanical failure rate of an HDD is a higher risk than helium leak. I have no idea why your drives need to be used every three months other than some arbitrary business policy.
  13. We see that stinker all the time. It has a 10GbE NIC, so for sure it's max throughput AVAILABLE. Even though there's one HDD connect. Meh.
  14. What the crap are you talking about?
  15. Brian

    Copying files from hard drive to ssd

    Ensure external drive is formatted?
  16. I have replaced my laptop's HDD with ssd. Now I am trying to copy some large files from HDD to SSD using HDD connector USB case. I am using window 10. When I copy and paste file in SSD I get window 'Folder Access Denied' with message "You" ll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file/folder". So to give permission I click on continue button It gives me same message with try again button. So I tried to change permissions, also chang owner of all folders and partitions still I get same problem. So I thought USB case must not be providing enough power to HDD. But when I connect it to linuc mint OS it copied any file without any problem. So what should I do to copy this files on windows.
  17. continuum

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    RAID5/RAID6 operate in a user selectable on creation, fixed stripe size. I am not familiar enough with RAIDZ or RAIDZ2 to say with authority. I have very limited familiarity with PAR2 and cannot speak at all as to best practices for PAR2's concept of recovery blocks.
  18. noelsmith

    Nutanix community beta

    Hi buddy, would you mind sharing any update on this of your experience? Regards, Noel Smith
  19. These HDDs are new. It's hard to say if have a better life span than air HDD. Why you need to spin up the drives every 3 months ? I keep air HDD during years without running and restart without issue when plugged. The main issue read on helium drive is the sealing. HDD lost helium with time and you have a SMART attribute for this issue with helium level sensor.
  20. alpha754293

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    Do RAID5/6/raidz1/raidz2 determine the number blocks that it uses for the parity calculation like par2 does? (cf. Should I set the size of the blocks to be variable size or should I make the block size a fixed size?
  21. Just find the read/write specs for the card you are interested in and test it in a computer as necessary. 1000MB/sec is not feasible, so I have no idea why that is listed. Cards that do not specify a write speed should be avoided as writes are often much slower than reads. Don't expect high IOPS from removable SD media as it is not designed for 4K performance.
  22. The change in transfer rate looks right, the further you get on a spinning disk the fewer sectors travel under the heads in a given time, so the transfer rate decreases. It's a function of where you are reading from on the disk, not of temperature (unless of course you are overheating the disk-- but 44C is within operating spec, so that shouldn't be a factor).
  23. The WD Ultrastar DC HC520 / HGST He12 should have a transfer rate of 243MiB/sec. This is true for the first two TBs, but than it degrades to only 50% in the center of the drive. Used the following script to run 5 cycles. For each cycle measured the transfer rate at each start of a TB. #!/bin/bash for run in 1 2 3 4 5 do for i in 11 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 do echo "RUN=$run SKIP=$i" b=`expr 1024 \* 10`k s=`expr $i \* 100`KB c=`expr 1024 \* 1` dd if=/dev/sdg bs=$b iflag=direct skip=$s count=$c status=none | pv -b -t -r >/dev/null /usr/sbin/smartctl -a /dev/sdg | grep ^194 # show temperature echo done done Each cycle showed the same transfer rate (there was no variation) at a specific TB start, independent of temperature. SKIP=0 10.0GiB 0:00:42 [ 242MiB/s] SKIP=1 10.0GiB 0:00:42 [ 242MiB/s] SKIP=2 10.0GiB 0:00:43 [ 235MiB/s] SKIP=3 10.0GiB 0:00:45 [ 226MiB/s] SKIP=4 10.0GiB 0:00:46 [ 220MiB/s] SKIP=5 10.0GiB 0:00:48 [ 210MiB/s] SKIP=6 10.0GiB 0:00:50 [ 202MiB/s] SKIP=7 10.0GiB 0:00:53 [ 192MiB/s] SKIP=8 10.0GiB 0:00:57 [ 178MiB/s] SKIP=9 10.0GiB 0:01:01 [ 166MiB/s] SKIP=10 10.0GiB 0:01:08 [ 149MiB/s] SKIP=11 10.0GiB 0:01:18 [ 129MiB/s] RUN=1 33Celsius RUN=2 39Celsius RUN=3 42Celsius RUN=4 43Celsius RUN=5 44Celsius Did somebody else notice this 50% drop of transfer rate for these drives? Did you receive a sustainable transfer rate through the drive? Hope to have some users running my script and showing their results for similar drives.
  24. Kevin OBrien

    BIOS not showing my SSD M.2

    Could you clarify the problem? Does the system boot and work correctly? I can't tell if you are asking about why the drive isn't showing up, but still works and is seen by the OS and Kingston SSD manager, or if you are asking why it won't work in that notebook but it works in others. It looks like the BIOS sees it just fine in the boot order. Being a notebook, sometimes BIOS stuff gets quirky depending on how the OEM set it up.
  25. Kevin OBrien

    How is this Speed Possible?

    Was going to say the same thing. DRAM caching.
  26. I like the dedication, lol
  27. I have no idea how Android works or its file sizes etc. But I have a hard time believing that there's any perceived speed difference amongst any of the top branded cards.
  28. Brian

    Seagate Exos 7E8 vs 5E8

    We just gave away two of those Archive 8TB drives. Sloooooooow.
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