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  2. dfudgel

    Install Windows 10 from USB

    Bought a branded new USB, still the same problem
  3. Rasouy

    Install Windows 10 from USB

    Rufus used to be used by a lot of people to burn Windows 10 to USB,i'm one of those people (2 years ago). But now,it seems less useful than it was then. Get a new USB and do it with another burner.
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  5. Beans57

    Music NAS storage

    Hi there . . . . . I'm maxed out on the drives to date . . . . 2 TB each x 4. I haven't given consideration at this point to upgrading from WHS Ver 1 or whether that wouldn't matter because of a limitiation in the HP495 itself (??) . . . my eye has only been on that eSata port and thinking perhaps one of those IcyDock port multiplier friendly bays may be in order . . . I use a Thermaltake Black Duet (or whatever it is called) for external backups of that NAS and it works flawlessly though that eSata port. But it isn't an option for full time NAS HDD use 'and' it doesn't work with two drives simultaneously.
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  7. The 8256 in the Intel picture posted in the article is wrong. It's not 24 cores, it's 4. (reference:
  8. The Elite-X USB 3.1 Gen 1 is portable thumb drive and an overall solid release from PNY. Though it features a very basic design and just a 1-year warranty, it comes in a wide range of capacities as high as a massive 1TB model. PNY Elite-X USB 3.1 Gen 1 Review
  9. USB can be seen by Windows 10 but the drive name not appearing in Rufus, the tool I am using to burn Windows 10 to USB. The USB driver is up to date.
  10. Intel has taken an interesting path with their 2ndgeneration Xeon processors by tweaking them for specific, abet niche workloads. Speed Select CPUS (Y) are interesting technology, however there is a slight price increase for this capability and it does take a system reboot to have it take affect; it will be interesting to see if the use cases for Speed Select CPUs are strong enough for companies to pay a premium for it and tolerate a reboot needed to switch over from a high core count CPU to a lower core count but faster CPU. Intel’s New Speed Select and Single-Socket Optimized CPUs
  11. Just check the post history... /r/homelabsales
  12. Yes, we could do better to provide context there. It's dissimilar to other attempts in the past.
  13. Maciej Grabowski

    Dell EMC PowerEdge MX7000 Review Discussion

    > The design has no midplane Yes it does, there is midplane in FC / SAS fabric. You know, the one and only fabric you tried to "review".
  14. seagate_surfer

    Seagate Backup Plus Slim Review Discussion

    Thanks for sharing. Product sheet here for anyone wanting to look it over.
  15. Thanks for sharing. Product sheet here for anyone that wants to look it over.
  16. continuum

    Music NAS storage

    What capacity drives do you currently have? Is upgrading the current drives feasible?
  17. The Dell PowerEdge MX7000 chassis is the next step in the company’s modular server design. This new method moves beyond modular to what Dell EMC calls kinetic. The design has no midplane allow for future technology to be leveraged the day it comes out. With PowerEdge MX7000, users can scale compute and/or storage needs while having future proofing built in. The composable nature of the MX makes it difficult to describe but it has a chassis and several different blades that can be used in different combinations for a give workload or use case. Dell EMC PowerEdge MX7000 Review
  18. The company reported a 16% increase in total bookings year-over-year (YoY). Veeam has been steadily adding about 4,00 new customers a month, bring the total to over 343,000 customers. Veeam’s Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) increased 30 percent YoY, which it attributes to the success of a new unique subscription pricing model for all new Veeam products. The company also suggests that the release of Veeam Availability Suite 9.4 Update 4 was partial responsible for its rapid growth this quarter. Veeam Announces 1Q19 Results
  19. Have an HP Mediasmart HP495 and use it with WHS Ver 1 for music collection streaming (with Squeeze Server), photo and video storage. Have storage with duplication for all on a series of 4 HDD's within the unit. Needing additional storage and now considering the eSata port on the unit. Some pricey units around with 4 bays that will work with port multiplier to extend the storage from the unit. Looking for 2019 advice on options as the last time I looked at this out of simple fancy, Icywork and Mediasonic seemed to be two in the running, albeit it seems Icywork was the more durable and reliable based upon what I read at the time. Many thanks
  20. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is the latest model in the company's portable drive line. Though we would have liked to see them double the maximum capacity to a 4TB model, the new Slim still has a lot to offer. It features a new woven fabric pattern design (making it one of the more slick-looking drives on the market), comes in three different colors in capacities of 1TB or 2TB and boasts better performance compared to previous generations. The drive leverages USB 3.0 and is bundled with Mylio Create and Adobe Creative Cloud Photography premium memberships. Seagate Backup Plus Slim Review
  21. The Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5TB Drive, released in Q1 of this year, is the descendant of its 2016 brethren, which bears the same name. The key differences in the newer edition is the addition of the 1-year subscription of Mylio Create, is half the weight, but slightly larger in size (not capacity). Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5TB Drive Review
  22. Quobyte’s new TensorFlow Filesystem Plug-In runs on Linux systems. Quobyte hopes that the Plug-In will allow older legacy Linux servers to use their technology in machine learning applications. They are claiming that their storage system can be used in all stages of machine learning and provides throughputs of up to 10GB/s to each client. The plug-in integrates with Quobyte to help fully leverage all provisioned system resources by optimizing GPU usage to reduce latency and CPU loading, and Quobyte is claiming it provides up to a 30% boost in throughput for TensorFlow users. Quobyte Adds TenserFlow Support Via Plug-In
  23. The modern workforce is looking much different than in the past. While there are still offices that people “punch in” and work at, it is not abnormal to take your laptop home and continue to work. There are segments of workers that may work in multiple different locations. All the while, these workers are collaborating with others throughout the day. HP is introducing new products to not only power the workers needs but to keep them secure at the same time. HP Announces Sure Sense, New EliteBooks, & Mobile Workstations
  24. The collaboration between Samsung Foundry and its Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE) partners enables a “robust design infrastructure” for their 5nm, including the process design kit (PDK), design methodologies (DM), electronic design automation (EDA) tools, and IP. Samsung Foundry has begun offering a 5nm Multi Project Wafer (MPW) service to customers. Samsung 5nm FinFET Process Technology Ready for Customer Samples
  25. Geoquake

    QNAP TS-332X NAS Review Discussion

    Thanks for your reply :). I'm really sorry, but I didn't manage to find it :(. Did you have a link ? Regards,
  26. laporta


    Dear zxcvb, I attach here a copy of DFTview, plus a copy of hidesmart, a C program for Linux written by me, which simply unhides the hidden SMART parameters of IBM/Hitachi disks. It was useful to monitor the parameter 230, the "flying head amplitude". Usually this parameter dropped days before the actual disk crash. It saved me several times. Tested for disks up to 1 TB. ibmhitachi.tar.gz
  27. HP’s ZBook Studio x360 is a hybrid mobile workstation that comes packed with powerful components in a small footprint. Users can choose from Intel Core i9 or Xeon processors, up to 64GB of DDR4 non-ECC SDRAM, up to 2TB of NVMe storage, and up to a NVIDIA Quadro P2000 GPU at top specs. Though the workstation can be outfitted with more cost-effective components and still be powerful. The HP ZBook Studio x360 is ideal for 3D developing, architecture, and design HP ZBook Studio x360 Workstation Review
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