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  2. The XClarity Controller, integrated with all ThinkSystem servers, is an excellent tool designed by Lenovo to help to regulate, automate, and make more comprehensible foundation server management tasks. From the user interface, we see modern-looking dashboards, quick status visualizations, and easy access to everyday actions. The easy navigation through the main menu and quick-link submenu; redefine the configuration and visualization of the system in an elegant management solution. All these characteristics help in deploying and managing Lenovo ThinkSystem servers with ease. Lenovo XClarity Controller (XCC) Review
  3. The WD ReadyView surveillance system is a good value system easy to use even for non-technical consumers. The product includes a complete system with everything you need in a starter kit. All system bundles include four durable weatherproof HD cameras with night vision and motion detection, an NVR with WD Purple drive storage, and necessary cables. With the initial system in place, the system can be scaled and expanded to support up to 8 cameras. The management through the app is intuitive with plenty of easy access menus that offer comprehensive control over basic and advanced system functions. There’s a lot to love about this system but the best features are definitely the motion detection, tripped alarm notification system which immediately pings your smartphone, and the overall mobile access with live view from anywhere in the world. While the 4MP system is superior offering double the resolution and extra Intelligent Video Surveillance features, the 2MP system is a great option for the budget-minded individual. WD ReadyView Surveillance System Review
  4. Unlike Veritas’s other Flex appliance, the Flex 5340, the Flex 5150 is being designed for edge locations. To better meet the size constraints of as many edge locations as possible, the entire appliance fits inside a 1U area. The Veritas Flex 5150 has 14.5TB of usable storage capacity to protect and restore data at the edge using its NetBackup software. While it can operate entirely locally, the Flex 5150 was primarily designed to provide initial deduplication of data before integrating with a data center or cloud running a central installation of NetBackup. Notably, a central NetBackup server can push out updated policies to multiple Flex 5150 appliances at once, allowing customers to more easily scale up edge storage by adding additional appliances. The Flex 5150 can even tier data to the cloud using Veritas CloudCatalyst software. Veritas Announces Edge Data Protection Appliance Flex 5150
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  6. The HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 is a security-focused, one-socket 1U rack server designed to thrive in virtualization and I/O intensive workloads. Centered around the latest AMD EPYC 7xx2 Series processors, the DL325 offers users a variety of useful build options, including up to 10 SFF (all NVMe optional) or 4 LFF drive configurations, as well as up to 3 PCIe 3.0 slots. Both small offices to larger enterprises will find a lot to like here, as this compact server can be outfitted with 2TB of RAM and up to 153TB of capacity, depending on the drive configuration. HPE ProLiant DL325 Server
  7. Ideal use cases for the new Kingston DC450R are Content Delivery Networks (CDN), edge computing applications and a wide array of software-defined storage architectures. The SSD comes in capacities ranging from 480GB to 3.84TB and come with a limited five-year warranty. The DC450R also comes with ECC Protection to safeguard against data corruption. Kingston Releases DC450R SSD
  8. The iStorage datAshur PRO2 is a well constructed encrypted flash drive with a solid feel. It is OS and platform independent requiring no software. Independent user and admin PINs make it ideal for corporate and government use. It’s easy to use, fast, and ultra-secure. However, the buttons are small, so if you have large hands this product may not be the best suited product for you. The smaller capacities are affordable with the cost starting around $65. However, the larger capacities quickly become expensive. That being said while expensive iStorage is currently one of the only companies in the market producing a 512GB model. A super useful and enticing feature is the self-destruct pin which wipes the encryption key, all PINs, and drive data. iStorage Datashur PRO2 Review
  9. The evolution of IT has been rapid, with changes coming so fast it can be difficult to keep up with it all. Enterprises are no longer centrally located and data, along with transferring it, is critical in every aspect. With this, the WAN needs to change and modernize to meet the changing demands. One way to address this is to leverage and deploy hybrid WAN topologies that combine on-premises and off-premises infrastructure, connected by private and public transport types. This does introduce complexities and potential cost and performance issues. Riverbed SteelConnect EX Released
  10. Though they aren’t a premium SSD, they are an ideal drive for those looking to upgrade their system (from an HDD) to improve overall system responsiveness, boot times, and transfer speed, or perhaps as supplemental space for PC games. Security-wise, it supports AES-XTS 256-bit hardware-based encryption, TCG Opal 2.0 and eDrive. Available in capacities up to 2TB, the KC600 uses the latest 3D TLC NAND technology and is quoted to reach read and write speeds up to 550MB/s and 520MB/s, respectively. Kingston Digital KC600 SSD Now Shipping
  11. Cisco's free Intersight mobile application has both the essential alarms page, and three dashboards breaking data up into Server, HyperFlex Cluster, or Fabric Interconnect views to present essential data to users. These dashboards keep most of the information immediately visible, but unfortunately, users do have to scroll down to see everything Cisco thinks a customer might want to know. In terms of diagnostic features, I want to talk in more detail about two of them. The first is that the app can be used to monitor the progress of requests initiated through Intersight via the requests tab which in turn is accessed via the top-right menu tab. For instance, if someone kicks off an OS installation on one of the servers being monitored by Cisco Intersight, the install will show up on the request list. Tapping the request pulls up more detailed information including execution flow and how close to completion the request is. A nice, simple interface and Cisco included a search filter to help find the exact request you're looking for. The second diagnostic feature I want to mention is that the app can turn server locator LEDs on (and presumably off) to help on-sight staff find and address a specific server. Cisco Releases Data Center Management App
  12. HPE iLO 5 is yet a powerful management option that has vast improvements from its predecessor, the iLO 4. iLO has been a leader in providing embedded server management capabilities to servers for over a decade. It takes the remote server management to the next level. Thanks to the processor embedded on the system boards of HPE ProLiant servers, the solution enables secure monitoring and control of servers from remote locations. ProLiant servers have benefited from iLO for multiple generations, and the firmware spread across the HPE server line. HPE iLO 5 Review
  13. Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) upgrades come in two forms. The first is that it ships with the most recent release of OpenStack, Train, which I covered earlier this month. OpenStack is a cloud operating system, and their just-released Train version has several nice updates that make machine learning tasks much more efficient. The second form is that Ubuntu Eoan Ermine includes the latest NVIDIA drivers because NVIDIA GPUs are very commonly used to accelerate AI workloads and having the latest drivers makes the GPUs perform notably better. Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine Goes Live
  14. Up to 80% of all data is stored and never accessed again. The joint solution uses InfiniteIO’s real time data management software to automate placing the bulk of this never and rarely accessed data into SwiftStack’s object storage platform. By tightly integrating the two technology stacks, the joint solution can transparently present stored information as existing in local data, even if it has been archived to a lower cost storage solution. When everything works correctly, this allows customers to keep most of their data in lower cost storage tiers without needing to alter workflows or create their own in-house solutions to identify and correctly place high priority data in primary storage. SwiftStack and InfiniteIO Release Integrated Solution
  15. Partnering with Dell EMC, the goal Cumulus Networks is to simplify campus network architectures (e.g., especially those burdened with out-of-date architectures and useless features) with its uniform operating model. The company believes that this will streamline operations through automation and orchestration, reduce operational expenses by minimizing the need for IT support, and help eliminate expensive support renewals from “legacy vendors.” Cumulus Linux and NetQ Now Extended to Campus Networks
  16. The biggest gain in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) support from the Train releases comes from the inclusion APIs allowing for intelligent interaction between the Nova (compute service) and Cyborg (accelerator life cycle management) modules of the platform. The new APIs provide a blueprint for launching and managing VMs with access to hardware accelerators like FPGAs and GPUs. Train also includes both new and improved drivers for those hardware accelerators. Interestingly, The Nova module is also getting an upgrade to its scheduler to help ensure that tasks are only aside to nodes with the best hardware and software for that task which should improve the efficiency of the system. All of these improvements are easier to use than ever before, as the Train release comes with much better documentation than previous releases. Openstack Adds More AI & ML Support With Train
  17. The ConnectX-6 Dx is the latest in Mellanox’s multi-decade line of network cards. Building on their previous successes, the new cards provide either a single port of 200Gb/s Ethernet connectivity or two ports of 10/25/40/50/100Gb/s. In addition to basic network connectivity, the cards also sport several dedicated hardware accelerators. Notably, they support acceleration for Open vSwitch connection tracking and inline hardware cryptographic acceleration of IPSec and TLS for both RoCE and TCP. Mellanox Releases 200Gb/s Network Cards
  18. Companies of all sizes need data protection along with some form and back and recovery. While having on-prem appliances has been standard practice, there are a few drawbacks including personnel with the ability to maintain the equipment and upgrades that could include replacing everything. Those that aren’t looking for maintaining anything on-prem can go the as-a-Service route. This can offer most of the same benefits in a easier to manage and deploy model, as well as a potentially more cost-effective manner depending on the size of the organization. Commvault Launches Metallic SaaS Brand
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  20. The only diff between generic- and Mac-friendly drives is how they're preformatted. Mac drives come formatted HFS+ (Mac OS Extended - Journaled). PC drives come formatted NTFS or ExFAT. Just reformat as needed - it's the same drive either way. Why do you need data recovery of your backup drive? Unless your main drive(s) have failed, your backup is just a backup. Swap the drive with WD, plug the new drive in, reformat as needed, and let Time Machine start over. ps - you contacted Apple Support. You didn't contact MAC - no such party.
  21. I think you may have overlooked an important part of the WD package. The drive carries a 2-year warranty and customers should know that it is not as easy as that. This week, I could not back up my MAC on the drive. The entire week of shuttling between WD and retailer simply led to one conclusion: WD's guarantee doesn't function. 1. I contacted Mac, who determined that it was not Time Machine but that the drive that was at fault. Told me to check with WD. Also to have drive and cable tested on another computer. 2. Went to retailer to do all that. 3. Retailer said it could be a compatibility issue since WD has special drives for Macs. Meaning, WD's retailer shouldn't have sold me the drive in the first place. OK. Retailer's idiocy. 3. Said to have drive replaced. Contacted WD, who said they could replace drive, but I had to send it in, and all data would be lost. 5. Very politely gave me contacts for data recovery, which was quoted at $3-500. So, in fact, the malfunctioning drive could not be replaced, not without me spending recovery cost. Yes, WD does offer courier service, but guess what? This is another $50 or thereabouts. Either way, it means that you really have a guarantee for a return of a product that really cannot be returned.
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    Transfer car HDD

    Did we just get sucked back to 2003?
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    NetApp Storage Training

    Maybe we should sign up
  24. If it were my money I'd not buy anything other than the Samsungs.
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    Replacing HDD with SSD - Does size matter?

    Thanks everyone
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    Replacing HDD with SSD - Does size matter?

    Well, a lot more tools can definitely do smaller -> bigger for a clone. Maybe whoever you talked to was not familiar with the other tools.
  28. As you're only using 250 - yes, you can use a 480-512 GB SSD. If your data is growing slowly, then a ~500 will hold you until SSD prices are better.
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    Replacing HDD with SSD - Does size matter?

    Thanks Continuum. I thought so, but the repair man told me that I need to buy SSD of equal or bigger size than the HDD
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