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Unlocked AthlonXP TBredB 1800+

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Just got an AthlonXP 1800+ for a friend from Ebuyer. With it being fairly recently fabbed chip I had to see just how high it would go. Imagine my surprise when my rather sceptical attempt at changing the multiplier succeeded! I thought all XP's now came multiplier locked! It's now somewhere between a 2600+ and a 2800+ and all for under £50! Thanks ebuyer!

The motherboard is an Asus A7V8X if that makes any difference







I'll post pictures of the chip, the POST and the BIOS later...

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I was initially disappointed because I thought that it was a TBredA but it turns out it IS a TBredB - TBredB's made later than week 8 CAN have the code DLTC3. The way to tell is that the JIUHB ends in a B and not in an A. This chip appears to be an unlocked 1.5v TBredB. Who knows why it is unlocked

If you look at the picture of the chip you'll notice the L1 bridges don't seem to have been "trenched".

For information on telling TBredA's from TBredB's see TBreds or Low Breds

And now as promised: more pictures...

The Chip (codes: AXDA1800DLTC3 and JIUHB)






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