Page File not creating

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my setup is as follows:

AXP 1800+

512MB PC133

MSI KT7Turbo2

LSI Logic U160 SCSI card

Seagate Cheetah X-15 36LP 18gig (C drive, boot drive)

5400 RPM Maxtor 20gig on IDE (D:, storage)

my problem is that windows will NOT make a pagefile on C, no matter what I tell it.

I can freely change the size of the page file on D, but if I tell windows I want a 500 MB page file on C, and nothing on D, it will put 500 MB's on D.

I've tried changing registry settings manually (even changing the path of the pagefile from root to WINDOWS or even another directory)

I've tried setting the local security policy - "create a page file" from Admins to Everyone

I've also taken out my D drive, but when windows starts up, it says "no page file exists" and says "a temporary page file has been created" but I don't see any page file.

I've googled for a long time and haven't come up with anything that can help. my C drive is a dynamic disk, and I thought that may be the cause, but there is no mention about dynamic disks not having page files on MS's site.

I know the computer needs "system" access to the drive to create a page file, but there is no option to set any security settings when I go to the drive/folder properties

any ideas?

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No, dynamic disk has nothting to do with it. When i had 2 Quantums in raid0, these where dynamic disks with a pagefile on it.

This is rather strange, i always could make a pagefile on every partition, meaning 4 in total.

If it is XP, then i don't know, but it sure works on 2K.


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i looked in the changes list for SP1, nothing in there about page files at all.

and i did a google search for my SCSI card and page file - nothing came up there either. i doubt it's the SCSI card, as it's a pretty popular card and i imagine a lot of people have a page file on a drive on it :s

nice suggestions though

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