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Maxtor Atlas 15k

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Was this review written by the maxtor marketing folks? I can't believe SR staff would make such outrageous comments, I quote from the article: " Further, as demonstrated in the ongoing Reliability Survey, Atlas drives have proven to be among the most rugged and dependable disks around.". This is hogwash. Take the time to look at the reliability survey itself for the Atlas drives. First of all there is not adequate sampling for the Atlas IV drives, just a handful of response which makes it irrelevant to arriving at any statistical idea of reliability. So I looked at the Atlas III responses. Of 107 responses for the most responded to segment, there were a total of 9 "failed" after 1 to 3 years operation. That's about 8% failure rate. This is certainly far from " ..proven to be among the most rugged and dependable disks around."

So I ask the SR staff, what were you thinking? A response would be appreciated for the benefit of all readers.

Finally, I've noticed a lot of "gee whiz" type of attitude about new drives coming out. It would be preferable to see a little more angst than geeky titillated replies.

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