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CeBIT: Samsung P80 and Adaptec SATA Raid

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I just read ...

Samsung's P80 series will have 80gig/platter, 20-160gig per disk, 7200rpm and 8mb cache on the SATA versions and optionally the larger PATA ones. had the SP1604N (pata133, 2mb, 160gb) for testing: 43,5mb/s avg. str, 10.8 ms, and .95 sone.

(It's in German, but here's the link:

Adaptec has got a new sata raid controller: 1210SA - 2 channels for about €90. They claim that controllers with up to 8 ports will follow ...


ps: This is a nice one too (OCE, Raid Level migration, 128mb, etc):, I just don't understand what they mean with "Private or Pool Hot fix drives" on a 4 drive controller ...

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If I read german correctly, this is a 10.6 ms access time, by far the best in its category!

I wonder what they did to get it that low... and am eager to see the random access performance results (the streaming seems to be so-so)


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