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Windowsupdate being strange

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When I go to Windows Update through Tools :arrow: Windows Update I end up at

When I type in the address bar, I DO end up at Windows update. It's more of a nuisance than a real problem. Anyone else had this problem? Running XP Pro (corp) SP1, all latest patches etc.

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Strange, perhaps the URL was somehow corrupted. The link to Windows update from tools-->Update in Internet Explorer may be stored in the registry (to make updating possible), so you may want to run a search.

In other news,

A report on a German site claims that Microsoft extracts more information from a person's PC when the update Windows facility is used running the WinXP operating system.

According to tecCHANNEL, it has deciphered which data is transferred to Microsoft Central whenever you connect to its update web site.

The site's tecDUMP utility intercepts messages which were deciphered in the course of an exchange with Microsoft.

And, the site claims, the information can pass on to Microsoft a list of all of the software installed on an individual's computer, including software manufactured by other manufacturers.

According to tecCHANNEL, this information is more extensive than is necessary for the purpose. The site said Microsoft has not yet replied in detail to its concerns about passing sensitive data.

The story starts here.

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