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You no like Adaptec RAID eh??? Then what say is better??

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I have seen in several posts that Adaptec SCSI RAID is "...crap...". Well, if you don't like Adaptec SCSI RAID then what brand would you choose? I am looking for a RAID adapter for my 2 (soon to be 4) Fujitsu MAP 10k rpm drives. I was looking at the adaptec 2120S (single channel U320).

Now I am looking at the LSI megaRAID 320-1 ($400 at )

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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ami megaraid 1600 dual channel u160 with dimm and battery backup

ami megaraid 1650 "

atto ul3d dual channel u160 with raid software

atto ul4d "

any of those would be awesome

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