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How to go from dynamic disk to ntfs?

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I guess dynamic disks is a one way process. I'm thinking of using windows to make a full backup of my C: drive and then reformatting and reinstalling windows on it. Then once I'm back up and running with a basic install, I would restore my backup.

Is this the correct procedure to get rid of my dynamic disk but retain my current system settings and programs?

The main reason I want to get rid of my dynamic disk is that partition magic will not allow me to partition my second drive, because when it restarts XP to do it, it dies, and I found a KB article that said the problem is caused by the boot drive being a dynamic disk.

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In theory that should be the correct approach, as long as you have

not created any unusual volume structures that are not supported

on Basic disks.

Thats assuming the install process can change Dynamic back to

Basic during setup.

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