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WD 400BB and Maxtor D740X: Which one runs cooler?

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My D740X got its first bad sector the other day so I wanted to invest in another drive to use as a backup.

My case only allows for one 80mm fan so I wanted to get a drive that runs as cool as my D740X, or cooler.

Does the WD 400BB run hotter than the D740X? How does the 400JB compare to them?

I'm mainly considering the 400BB due to its price but not if it runs warmer than the D740X. If the 400JB runs cooler than the D740X, I will probably pick that one up then.

I know performance wise I should go for the JB, but my main concern is the operating temp. of the drive.

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I tried the database but just couldnt find any info on temperatures...

Must've been too early for me hehe.

I went ahead and got the 400JB since is having a very nice deal on them for $90 bucks plus a nice 10% instant rebate.

Hopefully it will feel faster than my D740X....

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