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re. Seagate Barracuda in raid-0 WORKING!

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I bought 2 seagate barracuda V 80g (ST380023A) today and I was really curious if they would work in raid-0. I mailed seagate before i bought the disks and they told me that the problems with raid 0 in the IV series had been fixed in the V series, but I was not convinced. To my relief SiSoftSandra gave me a wooping 50k kb/s running two seagates in raid-0. I made a couple of tests to see what block size to use

For the benchmarks I used SiSoftSandra File System Benchmark

single drive 80g ntsf 27940kb/s

single drive 80g fat32 28314kb/s

In raid-0 mode I used NTSF all the way


2X80 16k 49790 kb/s

2X80 32k 49841 kb/s

2X80 64k 48241 kb/s

2X80 128k 50472 kb/s

2X80 256k 50699 kb/s

2X80 512k 31519 kb/s

2X80 1024k 30372 kb/s

2X80 2048k 30589 kb/s

so all you guys waiting for someone to see it the new barracudas worked in raid-0,

run off and buy your disks now :wink:

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Not until the Barracuda V RAID 0 is tested with Winbench, ATTO, IOMeter...

Sandra is a horrible benchmark :evil: .

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This is great news even though Sandra is like it is for benchmarking it still proves that it's capable for the Barracuda V to operate in Raid

many thanks Itangir :D btw the raid controller used is it Highpoint 370/372

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