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Atto UL3S/UL3D/UL4S/UL4D card owners, need your help

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So the Atto cards are the only ones that perform well with RAID 0 is the conclusion I have come to. I read a great review of one here:

So I went out and picked up a UL3S and a pair of X15-36LPs. So both on the same cable/port (UL3S is single port) I couldn't get good performance. 60MB/s sustained readspeed in HDTach. Almost 1/2 of what it should be. After HOURS and HOURS of research/conversations with Atto tech support, no solution to problem.

So I got a UL4D, which is the dual port U320 which BTW has full WINXP support. So now I can get as much as 75MB/s sustained read (BTW all tests done with 16KB stripe as other sizes result in lower performance) and write speeds of under 30MB/s. Can't get above this at all.

As you know, this drive reads 60MB max 50MB average 45MB min. So my RAID 0 array SHOULD get 120MB/s max 100MB/s average and 90MBs min read speeds. I cant get past 75MB/s.

AND the write speeds of the array are less than 30MBs which is SLOWER than the single drive.

Can you guys with Atto cards please post atto HDTach and maybe Sandra tests plz? HDTach is MOST IMPORTANT as is WRITE SPEED but you can oly test write speed on an unpartitioned drive.

Thanks to all who respond.

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Unfortunately, that review appears to be written and conducted by a five-year-old child.

Anyway, I have both the UL3D and LSI's 1650 Elite controllers. The ATTO line is a hybrid firmware/software implementation that uses your CPU's processor. Because of this, ATTO recommends at least a 500MHz processor, which I am sure you have...

During bootup, the onboard firmware of the ATTO controller handles the RAID functions. While in windows, Windows2000/XP handles the functions. The ATTO line is excellent and much overpriced. Keep in mind that ATTO had compatibility problems when used within an AMD and dual processor platform. The ATTO UL3D can be used as the boot device but ATTO does not recommend it. However, I used it as my boot device and had no problems. The new ATTO UL4D can be used as the boot device within Windows 2000 but currently is NOT supported in XP. They are working on that... This is the reason why I decided to not purchase the UL4D. Another frustration is that ATTO charges almost $300.00 for a DRIVER that allows the RAID feature. The ATTO line only supports RAID zero with the PC and RAID zero and one with the APPLE.

I really like the ATTO line and recommend two Seagate X15's striped. This will virtually saturate a 32-bit/33MHz PCI bus. In addition, the ATTO UL3D is a 64-bit/66MHz PCI device when coupled with a 64/66 PCI slot will yield some killer performance gains.

That is it!

C'mon where are all the ATTO card users at?? ANYONE?? Anyone know where I might get osme help in forums with active ATTO SCSI card users?

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ATTO cards are basically like IDE RAID cards like Promise but with a SCSI interface.

AFAIK you cannot do the fancy things with them like the LSi and ICP Vortex Cards.


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