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Computer Gaming Equipment For Sale

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Retail 21" Sony GDM-F520 monitor-$1,171.00

Pricewatch $1,464.00

Retail Soundblaster Audigy Gamer-$66.00

Pricewatch $84.50

4-Corsair (CM616DR256) 256MB RDRAM-$83.00 ea.

Pricewatch $118.00 ea.

Retail Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad-$40.00

Pricewatch $49.99

LSI Elite 1650 U160 SCSI RAID Controller w/32MB ECC memory -$570.00

Pricewatch $712.00

Custom PC Power & Cooling (Intel) 475XE Power Supply-$151.00

PC Power&Cooling $215.00

Retail 2-Yamaha 3200SZ CD-RW (IDE/SCSI)-$171.00 ea.

Pricewatch $243.95 ea.

OEM Plextor UltraPlex PX40TSI 40X SCSI Internal CD-ROM Drive-$71.00

Pricewatch $101.00

Retail Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card-$49.00

Pricewatch $69.99

OEM Modem Blaster V.92 PCI-$11.00

Pricewatch $21.00

2-256MB Mushkin High Performance DDR PC2100 ECC Memory- $59.00 ea.

Mushkin $98.00 ea.

1-256MB Corsair (CM72SD256R-2100) 256MB DDR REG ECC Memory-$52.00

Pricewatch $103.00


Shipping not included.

Prices are between twenty and fifty percent lower than Pricewatch

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