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WD Ultrastar DC HC520 / HGST He12 50% slower in the center

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The WD Ultrastar DC HC520 / HGST He12 should have a transfer rate of 243MiB/sec.
This is true for the first two TBs, but than it degrades to only 50% in the center of the drive.

Used the following script to run 5 cycles. For each cycle measured the transfer rate at each start of a TB.

    for run in 1 2 3 4 5
        for i in 11 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
            echo "RUN=$run SKIP=$i"
            b=`expr 1024 \* 10`k
            s=`expr $i \* 100`KB
            c=`expr 1024 \* 1`
            dd if=/dev/sdg bs=$b iflag=direct skip=$s count=$c status=none | pv -b -t -r >/dev/null
            /usr/sbin/smartctl -a /dev/sdg | grep ^194     # show temperature

Each cycle showed the same transfer rate (there was no variation) at a specific TB start, independent of temperature.

SKIP=0  10.0GiB 0:00:42 [ 242MiB/s]
SKIP=1  10.0GiB 0:00:42 [ 242MiB/s]
SKIP=2  10.0GiB 0:00:43 [ 235MiB/s]
SKIP=3  10.0GiB 0:00:45 [ 226MiB/s]
SKIP=4  10.0GiB 0:00:46 [ 220MiB/s]
SKIP=5  10.0GiB 0:00:48 [ 210MiB/s]
SKIP=6  10.0GiB 0:00:50 [ 202MiB/s]
SKIP=7  10.0GiB 0:00:53 [ 192MiB/s]
SKIP=8  10.0GiB 0:00:57 [ 178MiB/s]
SKIP=9  10.0GiB 0:01:01 [ 166MiB/s]
SKIP=10 10.0GiB 0:01:08 [ 149MiB/s]
SKIP=11 10.0GiB 0:01:18 [ 129MiB/s]

RUN=1 33Celsius
RUN=2 39Celsius
RUN=3 42Celsius
RUN=4 43Celsius
RUN=5 44Celsius

Did somebody else notice this 50% drop of transfer rate for these drives?
Did you receive a sustainable transfer rate through the drive?
Hope to have some users running my script and showing their results for similar drives.

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The change in transfer rate looks right, the further you get on a spinning disk the fewer sectors travel under the heads in a given time, so the transfer rate decreases. It's a function of where you are reading from on the disk, not of temperature (unless of course you are overheating the disk-- but 44C is within operating spec, so that shouldn't be a factor).

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