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Art Kujtimi

BIOS not showing my SSD M.2

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I dont know the reason why my SSD is shown as NOT installed.

I am using a Win 10 64 bit OS

I have a Kingston SSD M.2 that is my main drive where the OS is installed

I have updated all my drivers and SSD firmware.

My Kingston SSD manager recognizes the SSD






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Could you clarify the problem? Does the system boot and work correctly?

I can't tell if you are asking about why the drive isn't showing up, but still works and is seen by the OS and Kingston SSD manager, or if you are asking why it won't work in that notebook but it works in others.

It looks like the BIOS sees it just fine in the boot order. Being a notebook, sometimes BIOS stuff gets quirky depending on how the OEM set it up.

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