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What is Relevant benchmark values for microSDcard performance For android Mobile Phones?

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What is Relevant benchmark values for microSDcard performance for Android Mobile phones?

I found benchmarks of micro SD card in various websites. For reading those values and deciding and understanding and clarifying which one is relevant for adoptable/ swapping. I want to know what speed value is relevant for Internal/External storage   


for **system applications booting** of android and basic applications like  chrome YouTube Facebook WhatsApp and other apps functioning **NOT FOR GAMES OR VIDEOS** 


Online Websites and Andro benchmark app and gives values of

Sequential read and write 1000 MB/s
Random read and write 512KB
Random read write QD1 4KB MB/ps
Random read write QD32 4KB MB/ps 
Random read write QD1 4KB IOPS
Random read write QD32 4KB IOPS

For using my MicroSDcard as adaptable OR swapping storage

**Now my questions are :-**

 1. System booting Android applications **read and write randomly or sequentially** which values more relevant means application writes randomly or  sequentially

 2. What **Queue Depth QD** is relevant for Booting android system and basic  applications **QD1 or QD32**

 3. Which **Block size** android applications work in **4KB or 8KB 512 Bytes** block size on what ground it should be compared

 4. what speed of  **reading or writing** is more relevant for booting  system and general application  an adoptable swapping storage

 5. what value should be compared OR more relevant **MBPS or IOPS** for  QD1 4KB  and QD32 4KB while considering applications writing or reading speed

 6. what **RANGES OF VALUES** of following benchmarks criteria will be sufficient or believed excellent for booting and system application

      A  Sequential Read 1000MB/s
      B  Sequential Write 1000MB/s
      C  Random Read 512 MB/s
      D  Random Write 512MB/s
      E  Random Read QD1 4KB MB/s
      F  Random Write QD I 4KB MB/s
      G  Random Read Qd32 4KB MB/s
      H  Random Write Qd32 4KB MB/s 
      I  Random Read QD1 4KB IOPS
      J  Random Write QD I 4KB IOPS
      K  Random Read Qd32 4KB IOPS
      L  Random Write Qd32 4KB IOPS



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I have no idea how Android works or its file sizes etc. But I have a hard time believing that there's any perceived speed difference amongst any of the top branded cards. 

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Just find the read/write specs for the card you are interested in and test it in a computer as necessary.  1000MB/sec is not feasible, so I have no idea why that is listed. Cards that do not specify a write speed should be avoided as writes are often much slower than reads.  Don't expect high IOPS from removable SD media as it is not designed for 4K performance. 

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We see that stinker all the time. It has a 10GbE NIC, so for sure it's max throughput AVAILABLE. Even though there's one HDD connect. Meh.

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