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Leonard Levine

Will it fit?

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Insufficient information provided-- both about the laptop specifications as well as your desired external SSD. However, if you want to speak generally, anything the past few years has a few USB 3.0/3.1 G1 ports, and most external SSD's use an interface that is backwards-compatible with USB 3.0/USB 3.1 G1, so yes, generally speaking, anything should work.


I speak in generalities because the are plenty of edge cases where you might get into trouble-- Thunderbolt is still not a common interface, and while regular USB ports (rectangular ports about a centimeter wide) are common, USB-C ports (smaller ports with rounded edges) are still not common, especially on low-end hardware. Most, particularly USB-C, can be overcome if it is indeed still a USB interface (and not Thunderbolt over the same connector) with the right cables, but again it can be complicated very quickly.

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