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Install Win10 on new SSD

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Currently, there are two drives on my PC. One is hard drive with Win 7 installed and another is a brand new SSD. Now, I have Windows 10 ISO installation file. What's to do next in order to install Win10 on new SSD without affecting the hard drive?

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On 12/27/2019 at 2:54 AM, Brian said:

Are you trying to dual boot?


P.S the problem was finally solved after a few days researching. There are two main issues:

1> Choose the wrong ISO burning program. The program i used is not able to create bootable USB. Now, I turned to UUByte ISO Burner, which is great to do that. 

2> Wrong BIOS Settings. The default booting mode is set to BIOS. it should be changed to UEFI in order to install Windows 10:

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