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Hard drive errors, time to get a new one?

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Hi there,


Noob question: when you get errors like this, does that mean it is time to get a new hard drive?

Raw Read Error Rate: 81/44, Worst: 78

Seek Error Rate: 60/45, Worst: 60

End to End Error Detection Count: 100/99, Worst: 100


For the record, the data comes from a S.M.A.R.T. test I did following some issues with the internal hard drive. Randomly, folders disappeared. After a check disk I've got the folders back, but then it happened again. Luckily, with the check disk I've been able to recover the folders.

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You can use WikiPedia's key to SMART values.

1) Read Error Rate = vendor specific value. Desired to be "low", but that's all we know. Interpreting it would vary by manufacturer.

7) Seek Error Rate = another vendor specific value. We don't even know if high or low values are desired.

184) End-to-End error = desired to be low. This attribute may predict drive failure.

The last one is the only one I'd worry about. On top of that, you're getting recurring disk errors. I'd replace the drive. You're backed up, right? In case the drive fails unexpectedly?

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