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Microsoft Announces Robotic Process Automation for Power Platform

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a buzzword, and like all buzzwords, the meaning is fluid; depending as much on who is using it as on anything else. In Microsoft's case, adding RPA to Power Automate means adding a feature that can record a human filling out fields in different software systems like browser applications, legacy tracking programs, and billing process. This recording can then be used to repeat the task automatically, turning what used to be tedious and time-consuming duplication of information that still required a human, into a custom software script that can do the same process much more swiftly. We’ve seen other companies’ implementation of RPA tools for the last few years, and they generally work very well, as long as the process being automated doesn't have much ambiguity or depend on human-level decision-making ability. What makes RPA different from previous automation tools is that it requires less (but not no) software engineering skills because recording and then repeating actions bypasses the need for most API knowledge. Microsoft is calling their new RPA feature for Power Automate, UI flows, and notes that it is particularly good at setting up a script to digitize paper records.




Microsoft Announces Robotic Process Automation for Power Platform


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