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QNAP Launches Qmiix

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While there are tons of useful tools to make businesses better and more efficient, they at times have issues communicating with one another. Qmiix acts as a bridge that allows multiple applications interact with each other. Some of the storage services that are currently supported include Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, as well as private storage apps on QNAP NAS devices, like File Station. Users can user their browsers or their mobile devices to create and manage workflows for transferring files from one storage location to another. Qmiix also supports messaging aps like Slack, Line, and Twilio enabling users to receive notifications about files uploaded to shared folders on NAS devices. And for QNAP NAS users there is a Qmiix Agent that acts as a bridge between Qmiix and QNAP NAS devices.




QNAP Launches Qmiix


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