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Samsung Develops 24GB High Bandwidth Memory

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Samsung’s new technology stacks 12 DRAM chips in the same 720㎛thickness as their current 8-layer HBM2 products. Achieving this fifty percent increase in density requires more than sixty thousand TSV holes which presents a significant production challenged and Samsung has been understandably cagey about when exactly these new chips will be available for manufacturers to begin including them in their processing chips. The only thing Samsung has told us so far is that they will be able to mass-produce them soon, suggesting that they have not even finalized the production lines yet. Once manufacturers get their hands on them, it shouldn't take long for them to make their way into consumers' hands since they share the same thickness (and presumably other form factor dimension although Samsung didn't say so), as the current generation of HBM2 memory.




Samsung Develops 24GB High Bandwidth Memory


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