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Backblaze Releases Cloud Backup 7.0

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Backblaze has previously kept a 30-day version history of customers' backed up files to protect against accidental deletion. This feature is also useful for recovering back to a known good state when a customer makes a change they later decide they want to revert. It's probably this second use case that has been driving the many requests to extend the version history duration Backblaze has been getting. With version 7.0, Backblaze is giving customers the option of extending their version history back either one year or forever, at an increased cost compared to their current and still default behavior. With a charming attention to detail, Backblaze went to some lengths to make sure everyone knows that change will also have a small impact on current workflows. Previously Backblaze presented users with a drop-down menu to select the date to restore from. Since a customer using a forever list would be presented with an unusably long drop-down, they've added a date-picker to help with selecting a range of dates to show restore points between.




Backblaze Releases Cloud Backup 7.0


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