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Cloudian Launches Edge AI Subsidiary

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EDGEMATRIX will initially focus on the Japanese market, where it has already raised $9 million in Series A funding. Cloudian management is betting heavily on the company’s success with both Cloudian CEO and co-founder Michael Tso and Cloudian board director Jonathan Epstein investing in it. The new company plans to leverage Cloudian’s HyperStore platformto manage large data sets.  EDGEMATRIXwill also be inheriting the work  Hiroshi Ohta, Cloudian co-founder, and Cloudian teams have done over the past two years to provide AI solutions for such use cases as: targeted advertising using video analysis of the make, model and year of cars on a highway to display targeted ads on a nearby billboard; quality inspection by identifying and removing products that failed to get wrapped in an automated assembly line process; and automated traffic congestion management by counting cars on a road as a basis for changing turn lanes to improve traffic flow.




Cloudian Launches Edge AI Subsidiary


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