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Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 VMware vSAN Review Discussion

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The Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 is the new data center NVMe SSD that comes in two flavors: read-centric and mixed-use. The drives come in capacity ranges from 800GB-6.4TB for the mixed-use and 960GB-7.68TB for the read-centric. The drive leverages Western Digital’s controller, firmware, and 64-Layer BiCS 3D NAND. All drives offer ISE, which is great for redeployment or retirement. Another security feature is the use of secure firmware downloads with RSA authentication to ensure the SN630 runs authentic firmware only. Since the SN630 is vSAN certified, we tested it within the context of VMware vSAN to see how it performed. 




Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN630 VMware vSAN Review


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