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More Details On AWS Outposts

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Customers that leverage AWS Outposts can local launch a range of Amazon EC instances (including C5, M5, R5, I3en and G4, both with and without local storage options) as well as Amazon EBS volumes. Amazon plans to have many other services ready at general availability, such as Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS clusters for container-based applications, Amazon EMR clusters for data analytics, and Amazon RDS instances for relational database services with more planned in the future. Outpost works as an extension of the AWS Region of the user’s data center.  Services running on Outpost can seamlessly work with any AWS service or resource running in the cloud. New services launched by AWS will also work with Outposts. The company also states that API calls will be logged via CloudTrail automatically and existing CloudFormation templates will work as well.




More Details On AWS Outposts


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