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Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Review (DataON HCI-224 with Intel Optane NVMe) Discussion

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It’s been some time since we’ve been this deep with anything in the Microsoft storage-centric stack; and boy, are we glad to be back. With the rebranded Microsoft Azure Stack HCI solution, Microsoft has done something that’s so basic and fundamental, it’s easy to under appreciate. Microsoft has made their HCI solution dead simple to operate without overlaying anything to dampen performance. As seen in our numbers, the DataON cluster we’ve been testing has posted tremendous numbers, the fastest we’ve seen in a mid-market 4-node HCI cluster. To be fair, we’re not even testing the latest and greatest hardware from DataON either. While this config is clearly no slouch, complete with Intel Optane DC SSDs, DataON offers faster solutions that take advantage of Intel Xeon 2nd Generation CPUs, persistent memory and faster networking. The fact that there’s even more performance available in an Azure Stack HCI solution is exciting, but it’s also important to remember the solution can scale down as well to deployments as small as two node HCI that can be configured switchless for a low-cost edge or SMB solution.




Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Review (DataON HCI-224 with Intel Optane NVMe)


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