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Dell EMC PowerMax Introduces SCM As Persistent Storage

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When Dell EMC PowerMax first came out at Dell Technologies World 2018, we had the following to say: Touted as the future of enterprise-class storage, the Dell EMC PowerMax is architected with end-to-end NVMe and a built-in, real-time machine learning (ML) engine. Replacing the VMAX, the PowerMax has quoted performance of up to 10 million IOPS, 50% better response times and twice as fast as the nearest competitor. The end-to-end NVMe also supports NVMe-oF for those in the need of very fast storage with very low latency. This makes it ideal for the most demanding applications and workloads. With the support of AI-ML-powered data placement across NVMe SCM and NVMe flash drives, and the use of SCM PowerMax can now deliver up to 350GB/s, up to 15 million IOPS, all with 50% lower latency.




Dell EMC PowerMax Introduces SCM As Persistent Storage


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