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VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform Introduced At VMworld 2019

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The hybrid cloud has really taken off in the last few years. It really offers companies the best of both world approaches. Companies that need to run applications on-prem for performance or regulatory reasons are able to do so.  If an organization wants to take advantage of the economics of the cloud or the ability to pull in brand new technology, again the hybrid cloud makes it a good fit. The hybrid cloud not only allows users to run workloads where they need to be ran, users can migrate the workloads to different locations as needed, whether it is to tap into more resources or because it needs less. In order for the above to come to fruition, IT needs consistent infrastructure including compute, storage, and networking and consistent operations. VMware says it can deliver to help IT and customers unlock the potential of the hybrid cloud by deliver it as a Platform. 




VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform Introduced At VMworld 2019


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