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Druva Announces Intelligent Storage Tiering & DR In AWS

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Data is growing rapidly and while it can all be useful; all data is not created equal. Buying a one-size-fits-all storage can be less than optimal while at the same time raise users’ costs. Druva offers a cloud-based intelligent tier storage solution that moves data to hot or cold storage to get the most band for users’ bucks without disruption. Druva claims this can result in a TCO reduction up to 50%. The intelligent storage tiering also offer end-to-end data protection through machine learning, policy management via one-click actions across all tiers, and easier management through a central dashboard to manage archiving, deletion and governance processes. Druva’s SaaS is built completely on AWS and leverages AWS cloud storage tiers like AWS S3, Glacier, and Deep Archive.




Druva Announces Intelligent Storage Tiering & DR In AWS


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