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Memblaze To Debut PBlaze5 X26 At FMS

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The key to the low latency of the new Memblaze PBlaze5 X26 is Toshiba’s new XL-FLASH technology a new flash media with ultra-low latency, Toshiba claims that they can hit one-tenth the latency of normal 3D TLC NAND. Memblaze states that the new PBlaze5 X26 800 will be able to maintain consistent ultra-low latency for several hours and intends on demonstrating it at FMS. Memblaze goes on to state that the drive will feature 4K random write latency under 10μs and 4K mixed read-write latency as low as 26μs on average.




Memblaze To Debut PBlaze5 X26 At FMS


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