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Parallels RAS 17 Released

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Parallels indicates the following new and key features of version 17: 

  • Session Pre-Launch: Uses machine learning to map users’ computing habits, applications used and login time, enabling it to pre-launch everything for increased productivity.
  • Google Authenticator: This will provide an additional layer of security using a time-based one-time password.
  • Granular Permissions for Administrators: IT administrators can configure specific permissions to different administrators and delegate control of Parallels RAS objects, including RAS infrastructure components, Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH), and session management.
  • Windows Server 2019 Support: This allows Parallels RAS to leverage the advanced features of the latest version of Microsoft RDS and Hyper-V.
  • Web-based Helpdesk Console: This gives administrators and delegated admins access to manage RDSH sessions, VDI and applications.
  • REST API: This new API means easier integration with scheduling and workflow applications, alongside the existing PowerShell API, which enables larger enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs) and SPs to quickly integrate Parallels RAS into their ecosystem.
  • Improved VDI Security: Parallels RAS now prevents unwanted access to VDI by dynamically managing users' remote access rights as required, enabling remote access permissions during login and revoking permissions during logoff.
  • Simplified VDI and RDSH Deployment: IT admins can now easily manage, rapidly deploy and quickly scale out their end-user computing (EUC) environment with the improved management capabilities of Parallels RAS for larger deployments. Additionally, version 17 supports Scale Computing's KVM-based hypervisor, HC3
  • Extended HTML5 White-Labeling Capabilities: Expanded white-labeling options for the Parallels RAS HTML5 Client enable SPs and enterprises to easily implement specific branding requirements for customers, such as color, logo, language and more.
  • New Reporting and Monitoring Capabilities: New reports related to application usage and gateway sessions can be made available for managers, business owners and tenants to consume. In addition, administrators can now create and view their own custom reports, improving day-to-day administration and management efficiencies. 


Parallels RAS 17 Released


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