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WekaIO Updates Software Platform

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With the new update, WekaIO thinks it can provide secure multi-tenant environments even for applications running NFS or SMB. The new security enhancements will help ensure critical data is kept safe by providing encryption at rest and in-flight across the network. The update will also support authenticated mounts to prevent a rogue application from accessing the storage system; and PKEY multi-tenancy on InfiniBand networks. As part of the security updates, WekaIO is integrating their directory services management with its Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory. They will also support Access Control List (ACLs) with multi-protocol interoperability between SMB, NFS and POSIX; and the ability to create multiple file systems for multi-tenant isolation. Customers will now have the ability to set User Quotas for multi-user environments.




WekaIO Updates Software Platform


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