Game of Data - A song of broken USB-Port and Data protecton policy

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Hej Guys!


In advance: sorry for my bad English. I will try my best to describe my problem as understandable as possible.

Feel free to answer in the same level of English, like you always do. Reading is way simpler than writing^^.


Well,…I’ve got a WD Elements Portable (4TB) which suddenly had a loose connection.

I immediately tried to save my Data but the connection went pretty fast from loose to no connection at all.

Normally you would simply buy a new case but those geniuses at WD thought it would be great to give the HDD an own USB-Controller.


The 2nd problem is WD data protection policy. Every HDD, which is sent to them to get repaired, is being formatted.

I told them that it’s ok for me to have access to my data but they simply don’t care.


That’s why I can’t sent it to WD to have it repaired by them while I still want my Data (like 200gb I would say) back. It’s a collection from the last years and I am kinda emotionally attached to them. That’s why I want them back.


Now my question: Do you know someone who can help me? Someone who is able to replace the broken USB-Port (port not the controller as a whole)? Or someone how is able to build up a provisional connection to the HDD and copy my data to another HDD?

Or can you tell me how to build that provisional connection? ^^


I hope I was able to describe my issue and request understandable and thank you very much for your time.


Have a great night/day and best regards


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I hate to say it, but this is why most end users really need to think harder about data protection. This kind of problem shouldn't happen. But is has...maybe you have someone local to you that can repair the connector? Is the connector soldered on on that one? I can't remember what WD was doing at the time.

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