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Datera Data Services Platform 3.3 Released

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Datera's Data Services Platform is its core offering, and the upcoming 3.3 release will feature four major upgrades. The biggest of these updates is a planned 25% to 50% increase in IOPS per data node by better harnessing of the underlying NVMe, Flash, and hybrid storage media above and beyond the average <150 microseconds throughput seen across all deployments. The next upgrade is enhanced precision of data placement across the environment to better enable performance at the scales Datera Data Services Platform is being relied on now. The third upgrade comes in the form of better compression and deduplication. This, combined with the platform's ability to monitor and fine-tune data usage without human intervention, should result in significant savings for their customers. The fourth major upgrade is an expansion of Datera's qualified server options including HPE's composable ProLiant DL platform and the introduction of new solution bundles available from HPE that combine Datera's software, HPE ProLiant Servers and StoreFabric M-Series Switches from Mellanox Technologies.



Datera Data Services Platform 3.3 Released




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