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Dell EMC Launches New Storage and Data Protection Solutions

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Dell EMC Unity has been a popular option in the midrange due to its blend of performance and ease of use. When we reviewed the Unity 450F last year, we were so impressed with the system's VMware integration and performance profile, the system earned an Editor's Choice award. Dell EMC has raised the bar with the next generation Unity XT, promising a 2X performance increase over its predecessor. This is thanks in large part to software optimizations and newer Intel Skylake CPUs. Unity XT is also "NVMe ready," which means the platform will support this faster interface (compared to SAS) to unlock even more performance. Unity XT comes on PowerEdge servers that have support for NVMe SSDs in 8 specific bays. Dell EMC will release a Unity OS update within a year of shipping to enable NVMe within Unity to allow XT systems access to these bays. Until then those bays support traditional SAS SSDs.




Dell EMC Launches New Storage and Data Protection Solutions


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