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Intel Optane Memory H10 Review Discussion

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Looking to offset the write performance limitations of QLC NAND, Intel has come out with its Optane Memory H10, which combines the technology of Intel Optane Memory (high-performance) and Intel QLC (cost-effective capacity) on a single M.2 SSD. The drive uses the NVMe interface and is supported by 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core CPU-based platforms (or newer). The H10 is aimed at consumers that want the Optane performance bump without giving up capacity or paying a high-performance premium. Its design is very similar to past hybrid storage technologies that paired flash with hard drives, although now it's a combo of low cost, high capacity flash and low capacity, high performance flash. This blended storage product's ultimate goal is to offer a similar quality user experience to a standard SSD, at a lower price while hitting similar capacity points. 



Intel Optane Memory H10 Review


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