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Cloud Foundry Summit 2019 - Global Survey

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The report, titled “Adaptation, Not Adoption, is the Key to Digital Transformation: Why IT Strategy Requires a Perpetual State of Change,” contained several detailed findings. Here are some of the key points of the report:

  • Multi-platform strategy is flourishing: The report finds that 48% of the respondents use a combination of PaaS, containers, and serverless technologies together, making the rise a significant 9% from last year’s report.
  • Container usage widens: Organizations using 100 or more containers have seen growth up to 48 percent, compared to 34% in April of last year. Many of the IT decision makers (62%) project containers to be mainstreamed in their organization within the next year.
  • Serverless evaluation slows, but there is a broader deployment among users:An increase from 9% to 18% from last year has been made for those using and evaluating serverless, broad deployment.
  • Timeline to see digital transformation vary by region: Half of the companies in the North American region are feeling (or expect to in this quarter) the benefit of digital transformation. However, 34% of respondents don’t expect to see benefits for at least a year, or even more. Reports for EMEA found nearly the same stats, except only 19% expect to feel the benefits within the year. A report on APAC shows nearly the same results, as well.



Cloud Foundry Summit 2019 - Global Survey


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