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AWS Introduces New Features at Santa Clara Summit

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Concurrency Scaling for Amazon Redshift is a new feature that automatically adds and removes capacity to handle unpredictable concurrent access demand. Current and new customers can opt into Concurrency Scaling by enabling it on a per query queue basis. To be eligible for Concurrency Scaling a customer's main cluster must be on the EC2-VPC platform, have more than one node but no more than thirty-two nodes, and nodes must be one of dc2.8xlarge, ds2.8xlarge, dc2.large, or ds2.xlarge. There are additional limits on the kinds of queries that can be scaled, but the biggest one is that read-only select queries are the only kinds supported currently. In terms of pricing, Amazon is doing its usual thing of giving out credits, and then charging when you go over your free credits. For every 24 hours that your main cluster is in use, you accrue a one-hour credit for Concurrency Scaling. The price is proportional to the cost of the cluster being scaled and is calculated on a per-second basis.



AWS Introduces New Features at Santa Clara Summit


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