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Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 Review Discussion

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The Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 is a 2U server aimed at applications that need high-performance or for users with data-intensive workloads. On the top end the server can be outfitted with four Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs for up to 112 cores, up to 6TB of RAM, up to 24 direct attached NVMe SSDs and up to two double-wide GPUs or FPGAs. All this powerful hardware is ideal for those that need to run the new breed of emerging AI and/or ML workloads. The R840 comes with Dell EMC OpenManage to automate routine tasks saving admins time and energy and they can monitor the server from afar with QuickSync 2. System managment is done via iDRAC which continues to be the best server management platform out there. 


Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 Review


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