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Here are a few that I have found that are pretty similar. Some are advertised for video work, some not, even though the specs are very similar. If they all have similar dual Xeon CPU, run RAID6 with same number of drives, and have same single/dual 10GbE SPF+ interface, how much actual performance difference can one expect?

Facilis TerraBlock Hybrid 24
Synology RackStation RS4017xs+
QNAP ES1640dc
45drives storinator-q30
Aberdeen AberNAS N32L/N32W

This is for a studio that has 30 or more people work on files directly from the network, some edit 4K video, probably not more than a few at the same time. Workstations will have only 1GbE anyway for now.

There is another thing about managing. If something goes wrong, to be able to call the support that can remote in.

Do you have experience with any of these, and if there is really that much difference between these for video or other tasks, and if there is anything else one should pay close attention to. Thanks

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Neither personally.  You'll find Isilon, NetApp, and Quantum stor next and a few others at the top when it comes to content creation and editing for a studio.  That's been my experience with enterprise accounts.


The intelligent load balancing and tiering of files that the enterprise vendors offer make them standouts over just a low cost JBOD nas

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You have a tremendously wide variety of options here. What are you on now and what sort of budget are you looking at? What else is in the environment?

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