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Intel Makes CPU Announcements At CES

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Code-named Ice Lake, Intel upcoming 10nm processor is aimed at mobile PCs. Ice Lake is built off of the Sunny Cove CPU microarchitecture and according to Intel, is expected to deliver a new level of technology integration on a client platform. Ice Lake will have Gen11 integrated graphics architecture and support Intel Adaptive Sync technology that will enable smooth frame rates and be capable of more than 1 TFLOP of performance for richer gaming and creation experience. Ice Lake is also said to be the first to integrate Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard, and Intel DL Boost to accelerate AI workloads. Along with all of the above benefits, Ice Lake is said to help increase battery life as well. Intel will be rolling out a server version of Ice Lake as well, aimed at 2020.




Intel Makes CPU Announcements At CES


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