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Toshiba Unveils Its 1TB BGA SSD

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While HDDs are all about cramming more and more capacity in the same form factor, SSDs are looking to make themselves smaller with higher capacity and better performance. Toshiba was the first company to come out with a single package PCIe SSD and the BG4 is another example of innovation. The BG4 can leverage Toshiba’s 96-layer BiCS FLASH 3D memory to hit 1,024GB of capacity in a single package. Not only is this double the capacity of the previous version, it is also 0.2mm thinner than the previous generation’s. Toshiba was also able to double the PCIe Gen3 lane count to 4 to squeeze even more performance out of the same form factor. The company claims the new drive can hit 2.25GB/s sequential read, 1.7GB/s sequential write, 380K IOPS random read, and 190K IOPS random write. 




Toshiba Unveils Its 1TB BGA SSD


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