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Memblaze PBlaze5 916 AIC Review Discussion

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The Memblaze PBlaze5 916 is one of the company’s 64-Layer, 3D NAND NVMe SSDs. For this particular review we looked at the AIC form factor. The AIC form factor allows for all of the same benefits of the 916 line, AES 256 Data Encryption, Full Data Path Protection, Enhanced Power Failure protection, and higher endurance, while providing even higher performance than its U.2 counterpart. The 916 AIC has quoted speeds as high as 5.9GB/s read and 2.8GB/s write with throughput as high as 1 million IOPS read and 303K IOPS write along with 3DWPD. 




Memblaze PBlaze5 916 AIC Review


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