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Memblaze PBlaze5 916 Series U.2 SSD Review Discussion

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Available in both U.2 and AIC form-factors, the PBlaze5 916 is part of Memblaze's line of data center drives supporting 3 DWPD, a higher-endurance offering compared to the PBlaze5 910 that supports only 1 DWPD. It features 64-Layer 3D NAND technology and supports AES 256 Data Encryption, Full Data Path Protection, and Enhanced Power Failure protection, the usual set of enterprise-grade features. For this review, we looked at the U.2 model, which comes in capacities of 3.2TB and 6.4TB, and quoted maximum speeds of 3.5GB/s for both reads and writes. Memblaze also states up to 835,000 IOPS in sustained random reads for the largest capacity model.


Memblaze PBlaze5 916 Series U.2 SSD Review

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