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LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i

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I have an LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i that has been in service for about 3 years.

On Nov 15 2018 I got a monitoring alert due to high disk I/O. On the controller logs I found these:

29190: 18-11-07,17:46:12 Info:Battery Present
29193: 18-11-07,17:46:17 Info:Battery charge complete
29194: 18-11-07,17:46:17 Info:Battery temperature is normal
29201: 0:0:0 Info:Battery Present
29204: 0:0:0 Info:Battery charge complete
29205: 0:0:0 Info:Battery temperature is normal
29211: 0:0:0 Info:Battery Present
29214: 0:0:0 Info:Battery started charging
29215: 0:0:0 Info:Battery temperature is normal
29219: 18-11-15,18:36:28 Info:Battery charge complete
29223: 0:0:0 WARNING:Battery Not Present

Since then disk I/O has been higher, I suspect that it has to do with WT vs WB.

The issue here is that I do not have a BBU on that raid controller, so how was it detecting a battery in the first place?

Has anyone run into this before?


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