Seagate 2tb hardrive not all.

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I desperately need help from anyone if at all possible please!!!


My hardrive has been with me since 2011 and I have collected 1000s of videos,pictures.etc since then and I dropped it once last year but it still managed to work.


However I have noticed some of the videos I collected have disappeared which makes no sense whatsoever and the worst of all is that the hardrive is not working at all.


The base that the hardrive sits on lights up when you power it on on the side however once you click the hardrive into the base the lights immediately go dead.


We recently moved in September and at my old house it worked fine however ever since we moved here it no longer works.


Please help me figure this out I do NOT want to lose anything I have had this stuff for 7 years. :(

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If you truly value the data and cannot take any further risks... Time to pay for professional data recovery. Drivesavers, FADV, Ontrack, etc... pricing can range into the thousands.

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