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Portworx Releases PX-Enterprise 2.0

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PX-Motion solves the data portability problem for applications running on Kubernetes by enabling users to migrate application data and configuration between clusters across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. Kubernetes users can migrate application data along with their Kubernetes pod configurations. Instead of having to manually follow a tedious and error-prone process. PX-Enterprise 2.0 enables teams to automate the workflows for moving state data much as Kubernetes and allows for automating moving applications. This should enable automated workflows for backup and recovery of Kubernetes applications, blue-green deployments for stateful applications, and easier reproducibility for debugging errors in production. As just one example, PX-Enterprise 2.0 supports running multiple WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla containers off the same underlying data volume, sharing state between hosts, without worrying about users colliding on the same file.




Portworx Releases PX-Enterprise 2.0


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